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I created The Timeshare Exchange Bibles and put them on ClickBank a few years ago but was too busy with life to properly market them. All I had was a text sales letter, NO VSL, banners or email series to attract affiliates. That being said, the existing stats are not good.

Still, about 1000 of them have been sold with a very low refund rate. That's because I personally
wrote them and have nearly 30 years experience in the timeshare business. The content is excellent can't be found anywhere else all in one spot.

With the new launch I have just increased the price to $29.97 and commissions to 75% so your average sale before up sell will be about $22.48 and with up sell about $29.98.

Be the first to dominate a brand new niche with little competition. The Timeshare Bibles are totally unique and desperately needed by timeshare owners that have paid tens of thousands of dollars and are very frustrated trying to get a good exchange.

Now I'm retired from timeshare and my total focus is on
making this the next successful ClickBank product!

I have relaunched the Bibles with a complete makeover of everything from the ground up including a professional VSL for both the product and upsell!
Here's the link to the sales page VSL: Sales Page. This link is to YouTube so you have access to the controls. 

The Target Sales Page is:

 Link to upsell VSL: RCI Bible and II Bible
The $29.97 price of either Bible is nothing compared to the
tens of thousands dollars people spend on a timeshare. And
the bonuses offered (see below) make it a no brainer purchase

The same thing can be said for the $10.00 upsell. (See below) 

Here is a "Done for You" product complete with your
choice of banners, book covers, product pictures, testimonials and
emails ready to download. And we have a designer on staff
so if you need anything customized, just ask!
Here's a look at the professionally done book covers for your use.
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Get 16 Beautifully Formatted 
Product Testimonials
The email series comes with a free 7 tip checklist for you to give to your clients and 6 follow up emails. It's called 2017 Timeshare Exchange Checklist. And each follow up email contains another free tip to keep up client interest.
Here's the first email.
Have You Hugged Your Timeshare Salesperson Lately? 

If you're like most people the answer to that question would be a definite "NO!"

After a few times trying to exchange my timeshare with RCI or Interval International I came away with the realization that my salesperson did not teach me how to trade my timeshare, he taught me how to buy it.

Yet, after a lot of research on the net and forums, I found stories of many timeshare owners getting great exchanges with both RCI and II. People were talking about how they had exchanged for a 2 bedroom suite in the Marriott Maui Ocean Club right on Kaanapali Beach, or into Disney's Animal Kingdom during peak season.

What were they doing that I wasn't? I was determined to find out since I was out tens of thousands of dollars plus an annual maintenance fee.

I found that even though doing a timeshare exchange is not rocket science,
 there's a lot more to doing it correctly than I imagined.

Probably the most important thing I learned is that the earlier you
 do things  in the timeshare exchange world, the more power you have.

That being said, I put together a 7 Tip Checklist for you if you're
 even thinking about exchanging your timeshare in 2017.

And it's yours for FREE. It's my gift to you because most people are very
frustrated with the exchange process and need help.

Just click here now to get it and have a better vacation this year.

All the best,
Look at what every purchaser gets for only $29.97!
In addition for a mere $10 up sell
they get  4 more great reports

And you get to feel good because you're promoting
 a product that REALLY HELPS people!

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