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Use When Exchanging Timeshares

Into the Best Interval International Resorts in the World!

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From: Jeff Pierce

RE: Exchanging Your Timeshare


Dear Fellow Timeshare Owner,


Interval International

Interval International timeshare

Interval International

Remember when you bought your timeshare and your salesperson showed you the Interval International (II) directory? You were led to believe that all you had to do was deposit your week, request where you want to go and you would be instantly confirmed to stay in a beautifully appointed villa in a 5 star resort.

What you have found is that you can't get anything you want! You called your resort and got no help there. You called II and all they said was to request more in advance.


If You're Frustrated With Interval International

And You Want To Learn How To Exchange
Into The Best Resorts Rather Than
Just Taking What's Available...

Then, This Will be The Most
Important Letter You'll Ever Read

The people who do will learn how to stay in the BEST timeshares in the world while you continue to struggle year after year.

I know how frustrating it is when every time you call II with your request they tell you "Not available". So you start a search request, wait 6-12 months or more for a confirmation, and out of desperation, end up taking a resort you really didn't want in the first place. Does this sound familiar to you?

And to add insult to injury, when you get there, the quality of the "Resort" is less than desirable. You may have even had a year where you paid your maintenance fees but lost your week and ended up paying for a hotel on vacation.

When you reached the breaking point and decided to sell you found you can't sell it for even half of what you paid! In the back of your mind you feel that you have made a horrible financial decision and will continue to feel that way until you do something.

You've spent thousands of dollars buying your timeshare and you've had little or no luck exchanging it! In reality, very few people know how to exchange their timeshare correctly.

Now You Have Expert Help...

Join me as I reveal the Inside Secrets of getting anything you want from II - something very few of the millions of timeshare owners know so that you too can...


SUPERCHARGE Your Exchange Power

And Stay In The Best Resorts In II

no matter what you own!


Interval International timeshare

Learn how to greatly improve your chances of getting what you want in II regardless if you own a Red week in a highly desirable Premier Resort or a Green week in Canada.

After learning how to supercharge your exchange power you will learn a second important ingredient for getting what you want from to supercharge your request.  Combine both and you will be guaranteed success when exchanging your week-no matter what you own!

Almost no one in the timeshare world has figured out these tactics, yet -- which means you're about to enjoy an unfair advantage over millions of exchangers.

The bottom line is, if you want learn the best techniques in the world on how to exchange your timeshare, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.


Interval International

Interval International


5 Really Good Reasons You Need This

  1. There is nothing else like it in the world. I've created a system that explains what you need to do to from start to finish when placing an exchange request.
    You'll never be confused and frustrated again when exchanging your timeshare.

  2. This is not some flimsy little report with a few well-known recommendations that will do you little or no good.
    "The Timeshare Exchange Bible" contains pages of tips, secrets, methods, case studies and specific instructions on how to get the best exchanges in the world so you can be happy you own a timeshare.

  3. There are pages of testimonials from real live timeshare owners (just like you) who have already used the "The Timeshare Exchange Bible".
    You can read their success stories and know that it really works.

  4. "The Timeshare Exchange Bible" works with any timeshare.

    You don't have to wonder if what you own is either too good or too bad for these techniques to work. If you own a timeshare you'll benefit. Period end of story!

  5. "The Timeshare Exchange Bible" is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.If, for some reason, you're not entirely satisfied with you purchase you'll get your money back.


I was totally amazed when...

I learned that in what is considered one of the best timeshares in the world, out of the thousands of timeshare owners I've personally consulted in the last 5 years, the overwhelming majority were frustrated and didn't have a clue on how to exchange through II.  Only a handful of them said they were getting what they really wanted.

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Jeff Pierce and I've been in the timeshare industry full time for the last 18 years with companies such as the Westin, Four Seasons and the Lawrence Welk Resort. For the first 13 years of my career I did 2-3 timeshare presentations a day 5 days a week. I thought I knew all there was to know about how to do a proper exchange, and in fact, I was considered the "Exchange Expert" wherever I worked.

But over the last 5 years, working exclusively with owners explaining through phone consultations how best to exchange their timeshare effectively, I have learned more than the previous 13 years combined!

I learned a lot from those few owners who were getting good exchanges, but more importantly, I found out real time what my clients were doing wrong.

In an effort to help my clients exchange their timeshare correctly I spent hours on the phone each and every month with II personnel trying to find out why these owners were having vastly different outcomes while owning in the same resort.

Surprisingly, I found that very few II agents could explain why an owner of a Red week in highly demanded Premier Resort couldn't get an exchange to Hawaii while someone who owned a Green week in Canada could.

I then turned to the Internet spending hundreds of hours trying to find sources of good information on exchanging through II.

Sadly, any search done with the word "timeshare" in it led to resale sites. People are so frustrated by the lack of information available that they're selling their timeshares for pennies on the dollar!


Interval International timeshare

That's when it occurred to me that I had unraveled the secrets of how to get what you want from II-something that very few other people in the world know. And this knowledge would help all timeshare owners, from the owner of an off-season week in the lowliest of resorts to the owner of the best timeshares in the world.

Here's what I did so you don't spend years getting bad exchanges, hours of frustration looking for answers or selling your timeshare for a tremendous loss!

I discovered how to supercharge both your request and exchange power with II and that doing one without the other was worthless!

So are you ready to become a master at exchanging? Click here now!

  • I have taken what I learned in 18 years in the timeshare industry.

  • Combined that with the knowledge I've dug out of the II representatives I talk to on a weekly basis

  • Added to that what I've learned from personally making more than 50 exchanges

  • Added to that what I've learned from analyzing the exchanges of thousands of my clients

To create a step-by-step guide that clearly explains how the exchange process works so you can get what you want in II.


It's a power-packed guide called...

The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition


Go Ahead And Look On The Internet

You Won't Find These Proven Strategies
Anywhere Else...Period


"I feel very privileged to have what feels like insider trade secrets."

"...the comment that I received from II was I see that you have done this before" which of course was not true.

Dear Jeff,

Being a new owner I am very inexperienced in the trading process concerning how to position myself to attain the desired vacation destinations. I immediately put in the information to work just as you had advised and the comment that I received from II was " I see that you have done this before" which of course was not true. Thanks to you I am now much more educated about how to place myself in the best trading position possible, you're a genius. I feel very privileged to have what feels like insider trade secrets.

Jace Horwitz
Executive Director
Herbert House Sober Living Environment Inc.

"Your suggestions were immensely helpful, particularly with our plans to visit Hawaii."

"Although we have several timeshares, the trade process always seems to be rather complex."

Hello Jeff,

Your suggestions were immensely helpful, particularly with our plans to visit Hawaii. Although we have several timeshares, the trade process always seems to be rather complex. The information you provided was extremely educational. My husband and I are better informed as to the exchange process and how to maximize our trading value. Thanks again for your assistance.

Karen Azlin Import/Export AnalystCymer, Inc.


Now, give yourself an unfair advantage over other timeshare owners in II when requesting and exchange.

To start enjoying an unfair advantage, Click Here Now!

II does millions of exchanges every year and you need every advantage you can get over the millions of other members so you can start enjoying your timeshare to its fullest today.

Finally the veil is lifted on how the exchange process really works and what you can do to get a better exchange. This is not theory. These are real life step-by-step examples you can put into place to guarantee a more powerful exchange. You will learn what REALLY works by following proven secrets I've personally used and discovered while working with thousands of timeshare owners.

QUESTION: Do you really want to get into Premier Resorts in high demand areas such as Hawaii or the Caribbean? If so, then follow me as...

I Give You the Step-By-Step Process of How to Get What You Really Want in II Every Year Regardless of What You Own... Secrets Never Before Revealed...Until Now!










In "The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" you'll learn:


21 little known exchange secrets - Finally go where you want, when you want, instead of just taking what's available. This alone is worth 10 times the purchase price.

It really pays to Click Here Now!


7 criteria that determine exchange power and how to maximize each one -This will give you the advantage over possibly hundreds of thousands of other II members when exchanging.


1 thing that makes the biggest difference in getting a great exchange - this one thing will supercharge your exchange power.


9 powerful strategies for placing a request with II - if you don't know this you're only half way there!


11 case studies - Real life examples so you'll completely and easily comprehend this very difficult subject.

I'm going to take you by the hand and give you PhD in the art of exchanging any timeshare.

For this reason alone, it makes sense to now Click Here.

Plus, you don't need to own a Red week in a highly ranked resort to get these tremendous benefits.  I will teach you how to supercharge your exchange power no matter what you own!

Let me ask you a simple question.  I'm going to give you two separate scenarios and you tell me which comes closest to your experience when exchanging in II, OK? Here we go...

You paid a lot of money to own a Red week in a desirable Premier Resort that your salesperson told you would be very easy to exchange. But every time you put in a request II tells you "not available".  Sometimes they tell you there's a 2-year waiting list to get to the best resorts. You ask for advice on how best to get an exchange and the ONLY THING II can tell you is to "deposit early and request more in advance".

So, you put in a request 12 months or more in advance and you wait and wait and wait.  After a couple of months II calls back with alternative resorts in different areas at different times of the year than what you originally requested. You either accepted something you really didn't want or continued waiting for another 9 or 10 months until, totally frustrated, you cancelled your request.

If you accepted the alternative exchange you ended up in a mediocre timeshare not nearly as nice as your resort, and you had no view at all. 

Sound familiar?  Or did you exchange go something like this:

You don't own a Red week in a Premier Resort but you call II and put in a request for a prime week in only the best Premier Resorts in the exact area of the world you want to be.  II searches and tells you "not available", as you expected, and you tell them to keep searching. Meanwhile, you go about you busy life without a worry while II's computer searches 24/7 because you know that you WILL be confirmed.

Sure enough, not only does II call you back with exactly what you want, but you also have a 2-bedroom villa for the 1 bedroom you gave up. In addition, you've made sure that when you get to your destination you'll have a great view rather than looking at the dumpster in the parking lot.

Which scenario more closely resembles your experience when dealing with II, one or two?  If you said one, don't feel bad. You're with the majority of timeshare owners that have never learned how to exchange properly. It's not your fault!

Click Here if you are ready to learn how to exchange like a pro.

Guess what?




 When You Bought Your Timeshare

The Salesman Didn't Teach You


He Taught You How To BUY It.


The real difference between the two earlier examples is not how nice of a timeshare you own or how much you paid for it, but knowing how to maximize both your request and exchange power when using II-something few people really know.


"I learned how to maximize my trading power...even though we have had timeshares for many years.

Dear Jeff,

I learned how to maximize my trading power and use my timeshare weeks to my advantage even though we have had timeshares for many years. I think you definitely have a wealth of information and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of what I have learned. 
Thank you,

Judy Walter


Here are a couple of reasons why the salesperson never explained how the II exchange system really works...


K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) This well-known sales axiom is another way of saying, "If you confuse them you lose them". A confused client won't buy and explaining the real way the II exchange system works would complicate the sale.


He only had 90 minutes. That time was spent feeding you, showing you a movie, doing a "vacation survey", showing the model, overcoming your objections and bringing in a "manager" to give you a better price.

He didn't know how timeshare really works.  Timeshare is a high turnover industry and he was probably new.


He probably didn't own a timeshare even if he said he did.


He had little if any experience in actually exchanging. Even if he did own he's probably only done 1 or 2 exchanges in a 2-year period.

So, does the highly touted exchange system really work? Surprisingly, yes. That's why every major brand name hotel chain in the USA, from the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Disney, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, Sheraton and Embassy Suites have joined the timeshare industry.

But Owning The Best Timeshare In The World

Doesn't Mean Squat If You Don't Know

How To Exchange It Properly!

As a matter of fact, it's even a bigger waste because of the premium price you paid to own with one of the big names.

What's interesting is that even a mediocre timeshare will exchange to great resorts if the inside trading secrets of maximizing both your exchange power and request are explained to you by an expert. Think what it will do if you own a truly great timeshare.


It's Not What You OWN That Counts...

It's What You KNOW! 

To get that knowledge now, click here.

"Your knowledge is outstanding"

"You have shared a lot of helpful ideas..."

Dear Jeff,

Timeshare owners have a lot of learning to do in making really good exchanges. It is rare, but occasionally I have gotten into bad situations and didn't know how to handle it. Your knowledge is outstanding. You have shared a lot of helpful ideas that makes this process work and that is where many timeshare owners get discouraged. I have been moving thru it by trial and error but have really benefited from your help.

Yours truly,

Pat J. Huebsch


The Astonishing, Eye-opening Revelation I Learned...


"The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" Even Works With No Name Resorts!


No matter what kind of timeshare you own "The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" will guarantee extraordinary results when doing an exchange.  The better your resort the better your results, but even if you own in a bad resort you will get incredible results.





Over the last 22 years I've done more than 50 exchanges throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  I've spent 5 weeks on back to back exchanges in Europe and have spent 2 weeks back to back in Hawaii for the last 5 years in a row-the very definition of a difficult exchange.

Obviously I was doing something right because the 3 weeks my wife and I own are in a no name, non-ranked timeshare and we have exchanged, not only into some of the greatest Premier Resorts, but also into such major brand names such as Marriot, Hilton and Embassy.  Many times we get a 2 bedroom for a 1 bedroom and we've even gotten a 4-bedroom penthouse in Princeville, Kauai with a 1 bedroom.


"Before I only dreamed of Hawaiian and Caribbean vacations, I'm now considering taking my mother to Africa."

"You brought to light several methods of booking that I had not considered."

Dear Mr. Pierce,

My husband and I had been procrastinating regarding the use of our membership due to lack of knowledge. Your thorough explanation of the process really opened our eyes regarding the intricacies of our ownership and took away many of my fears.

You brought to light several methods of booking that I had not considered. And, now that I know how simple the process is, I dive through the exchange materials.

I now know that with simple planning, the sky's the limit. Whereas, before I only dreamed of Hawaiian and Caribbean vacations, I'm now considering taking my mother to Africa and that liberation is solely due to you.


Mrs. Dren James


"My family is looking forward to a vacation in Hawaii We are excited about our timeshares..."


I did find all of the information very helpful. I am going to submit my request today for a vacation in Hawaii that my family is looking forward to enjoying. I don't believe I could have been empowered without your help. We are very excited about our timeshares and hope to make the most of them!

Penny Bullock

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"You made it very simple, very quickly."

"Now I feel like I have an "inside track" on how to choose vacation destinations and how to save money."

Hello Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful information.

As a new owner, I thought that I would have to undergo a very lengthy process to really understand the exchange system and you made it very simple, very quickly.

You provided the "one stop shop" for me and I am very grateful for that. You possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that made my experience both Interesting and fun.

And lastly, I appreciate the extra info that you shared that I was totally unaware of, and now I feel like I have an "inside track" on how to choose vacation destinations and how to save money. Thanks a million!

Daren Brewer

Receiving Lead Person
Callaway Golf Company






13 Reasons to Buy

"The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" Now!

  1. For starters, absolutely NOTHING like this has ever been offered-anywhere, by anyone!

  2. Give yourself an advantage over hundreds of thousands of other II members when exchanging.
    Imagine what that is worth? It pays to click here. .

  3. You paid a lot of money for your timeshare it's now time to start enjoying it.

  4. The price is cheap! You've already spent enough money on buying your timeshare, HOA fees, exchange fees, membership dues, property taxes and special assessments. I've made this valuable resource affordable to everyone.
    To purchase at the lowest price anyone will ever see, click here now!

  5. You only have to buy it once.

  6. Reduce your frustration level when dealing with II. After reading "The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" you will know more about how the exchange system works than the person you're talking with at II.

  7. Slash your learning curve down to a small fraction of the time you would otherwise spend on having to find, learn and absorb all of the material yourself.

  8. Stop doing bad exchanges. You won't have to take years of trying to figure this out on your own.

  9. Reduce the amount of time it takes to get a confirmation. No more waiting 9-12 months or more for a confirmation that comes 2 or 3 weeks before you're scheduled to go! 
    Don't wait any longer! Click Here Now.

  10. Learn how to exchange any timeshare into Premier Resorts. Why settle for less. Premier Resorts are considered the best in II and are in the best locations. Now you can enjoy these great resorts even if you don't own in one-without extra added cost.

  11. Learn how to exchange your studio or 1 bedroom into 2,3 or even 4 bedroom suites. Need a bigger room than a postage stamp? Want to take family or friends on vacation? Do you think you're more likely to get that killer ocean view in a 2,3 or 4 bedroom? Is it more likely you'll have a fireplace, washer/dryer, Jacuzzi tub and wrap around balcony in a larger suite? Now, without any extra cost you'll stay in larger, more comfortable suites than you own.

  12. Discover the secret to getting the best view suites on exchange. Avoid looking at the dumpster rather than the ocean when you do get that exchange.

  13. Learn how to exchange your Yellow or Green week into the Red Season. Not only is the Red season considered the best time to travel, many resorts don't have Yellow or Green time. Knowing how to do this opens up many more resorts for you to exchange into and allows you to travel at the best time of year.

"Since I do have more than one timeshare, your information on the difference between them was very helpful."


I found the information you gave me very helpful. Since I do have more than one timeshare, your information on the difference between them was very helpful.

Thank You,
Sylvia Ortner

As you can see, The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition will turn around what you may regard as one of the most expensive mistakes you ever made in your life. Learn very quickly what most timeshare owners will never learn in a lifetime.

Not only will you learn insider secrets to supercharge your exchange power but also, just as important, you'll learn how to do a strategic request. By combining both you will enjoy an unfair advantage over possibly hundreds of thousands of other II members.

You'll be able to:

  • vacation where you really want rather than just taking what is available

  • travel on your schedule rather than II telling you when you can go

  • exchange your smaller unit for a larger one without additional cost

  • exchange your off season week for a prime season.

Not only will you enjoy staying in beautiful resorts

in the best areas of the world, but also

you'll know how to get the best view!


















"I have found Jeff Pierce to be an incredible resource of information and assistance."

"...information that I will be using for years to come."

I have found Jeff Pierce to be an incredible resource of information and assistance. Jeff clearly and accurately translated the steps to follow, allowing for a more informed decision and an overall effortless process. His additional insights and experience provided much needed information that I will be using for years to come. I highly recommend his services. Thank you, 

Mark Meloccaro

Legal Clearances

"My previous attempt ended without success. I now understand the steps I need to take to complete a successful exchange."

Thanks Jeff for all of your help! My husband and I are owners at ................... We have yet to complete one exchange week. My previous attempt ended without success. I now understand the steps I need to take to complete a successful exchange. You have a wealth of knowledge on timeshares and are eager and so willing to share your expertise. I now feel confident and ready to take full advantage of our timeshare exchanges.

Frances Sakata

Retired Teacher Fresno, CA


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"...You made it a simple step by step process. I look forward to our upcoming vacation."

 "Now we have a family reunion in the works."

Dear Mr. Pierce,

I had many questions on the usage of my timeshare. You provided information that made it a simple step-by- step process. I look forward to our upcoming vacation.

Coincidently, one of the resorts you highlighted to me is my cousin's resort of choice. We plan to schedule our 2006 vacations together. Without such great information, this would have been a missed opportunity. Now we have a family reunion in the works.

Your professionalism, knowledge has made our ownership decision a truly sound investment for our family. Thanks again for the information.

Margaret Wilkinson



Here's A Brief Recap of What You'll Get When You Order The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition

Discover 21 Secrets that will supercharge your exchange power  - These secrets will benefit any level of timeshare and give you the much-needed edge when exchanging.


Exchange into such high demand areas such as Hawaii and Caribbean - Finally take that dream vacation you've always promised yourself.


You'll learn what you can do once confirmed to get the best view suite - You've finally exchanged into a great resort, now make sure you're looking at the ocean, not the dumpster in the parking lot. 


Exchange into Premier Resorts even if you don't' own one - You've learned how to supercharge your exchange power, now take advantage of it!


Exchange your smaller unit into a larger one - Stay in a larger unit than you own without having to pay extra.


Be able to exchange a Yellow or Green season into the Red - Now you can get peak season even if you don't own it.


Learn 9 strategies on how to effectively place an exchange request - You've supercharged your exchange power but if you don't know the strategies of how to request, you won't get what you want.


Read 11 case studies - Real life examples so you'll easily understand important topics.


You'll discover why knowing how many timeshare units are available in a resort is important - This little known insight will multiply your chance of a successful exchange.


You'll learn why knowing your home resort's exchange policy is so important - This is another little known insight that will give you a huge advantage when exchanging your week.


Understand the 7 criteria that determine exchange power - By knowing these 7 criteria you'll have the edge when exchanging


Find out what you can do to maximize your exchange power in all 7 criteria - The more power you have the better exchange you get.


Learn when to deposit your week to get the most exchange power - Very few people know of this very simple strategy that will give you so much more exchange power.


Understand how the II waiting list works - The waiting list is a fact of life in the timeshare world.  Understanding how it works is critical for getting the best exchanges and keeping your frustration level down.


Learn to speak the language of timeshare - If you're in Japan you will find it much easier to get things done if you speak Japanese. The same goes with timeshare.


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Your success in using

"The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition"

is completely guaranteed!

Here's My 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

I'm so sure that you'll find "The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" worth many times the measly amount you paid for it, that I'll give you a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Here it is, I think you'll like it.


My Guarantee to You

"Take a look at The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition for the next 60 days. If you're not thoroughly convinced that The Timeshare Exchange Bible is the absolute best information on exchanging in existence, I will personally refund every penny of you're money, no questions asked. It's as simple at that. And you keep the free gifts."


Remember: this guarantee means that if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with this guide, you will get a prompt, 100%, no questions asked refund.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose! With the above guarantee the risk is 100% mine not yours. So why not give it a try right now and start enjoying your timeshare?

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"...And gave me 'insider trading secrets', but I can't tell anyone about those!"

"He is definitely an expert in using the exchange system, and now I am, too!"

Jeff Pierce was so helpful during our 1-hour phone call. He answered all of my questions very clearly and with great detail. He answered questions that I didn't even know I had, but that I would have had as I went through the process. He told me how to maximize the power of my ownership, and made me understand what a great purchase I've made! He also gave me 'insider trading secrets', but I can't tell anyone about those! He is definitely an expert in using the exchange system, and now I am, too! I'm going to use my week to go to Hawaii for the first time. I know my resort will be amazing because Jeff told me where to stay!

Thanks so much!
Sherri Rothenberger

So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

At first I thought of pricing it at $59.97. You've already spent thousands of dollars on purchasing your timeshare and thousands more in annual fees. What's another $60 bucks. You could spend many hours of your time on the phone or Internet looking for this information but you will never find it. You could even hire me as a consultant for $250/hour. But I'm all for win win. Because you can instantly download this over the Internet, and because there's minimal overhead and I don't have to spend my days telling you how to do this over the phone...




You can get 

"The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition" right now for only $59.97 $29.97 That's It!

But wait, if you order The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition guide right now, you will get these 2 great bonuses absolutely free of charge!

Free Bonus Gift #1

100 Best World Wide Resorts in II

A $19.95 Value, FREE

A list of the absolute finest 100 Resorts in II This is a list of world-class resorts in II many of which you would not recognize by name. All the same, they have the finest locations, accommodations, restaurants and activities in world. Staying in one of these top resorts will be an experience you and your family will never forget. Many of my clients only pick from this list when exchanging.

Free Bonus Gift #2

Almost Free: The Definitive Guide

to Bargaining in Mexico

A $14.95 Value, FREE

This special report will save you hundreds of dollars while buying gifts and souvenirs in Mexico or any bazaar in the world. The vendors on the beaches and in the shops of Mexico are some of the best salespeople anywhere at extracting the most money from you for their products. This guide will put you on equal ground so you can get a fair price.


Yes, I want to Claim My Bonus Gifts Now


Together these 2 bonuses are worth more than your original investment but they are yours absolutely FREE!









You'll be downloading and reading The Timeshare Exchange Bible - II Edition and bonuses within just a few minutes from now!





"I feel that now I am better able to understand how to use the exchange...more effectively."

Dear Jeff,

I feel that now I am better able to understand how to use the exchange book and the timeshare more effectively. When we first received the book I looked through it but didn't spend enough time on it to fully understand all of the codes and symbols. My family got very excited about the possibilities of planning our vacation for next summer. Thanks again for all the wisdom and your years of experience on how to best utilize our timeshare.

Monica Eckmann

Elementary School Teacher

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"You cleared up many concerns and gave me some good tips...

"I was a travel agent for twenty years..."

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for all the helpful information on the reservation process for our new timeshare. You cleared up many concerns and gave me some good tips on how to best use the reservation process. I am brand new at all of this and it was a little daunting. My husband and I are newly retired and look forward to many years of travels.

I was a travel agent for twenty years so we have traveled extensively but never had the time to travel leisurely. We look forward to that.

Thanks again,
Mary Graves


How much longer will you continue to be frustrated with exchanging your timeshare until you learn how to use it right?






The People Who Read This Guide Will End Up

Staying In The Nicest Timeshares In The World

While You Settle For What's Left Over.


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"We had thought about selling our timeshare decided to keep it."


We had thought about selling our timeshare decided to keep it.

Thank you so much,



Betty and Roger Barragan

"...we got a two bedroom 2 bath unit in Canmore"


Staying flexible has paid off. I got a call from the exchange company asking is I could go to Banff one week later than I had requested, "yes I could" so we got a two bedroom 2 bath unit in Canmor the first week in October. We are going to try for Hawaii next year!

Thanks for all your help.
Al McKendrick

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Bon voyage,

 Jeff Pierce

please email Jeff at: The Timeshare Expert At Gmail dot com


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Interval International timeshare
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